Pastor Glenn & Vera Hamel

Glenn Hamel is a husband, father, pastor, and author. He is passionate about his family and God. Pastor Glenn has devoted his life to reaching the lost. He is a dynamic speaker and is able to captivate listeners as he shares God’s Word. He has over 20 years of practical experience ministering to those with life controlling problems.  As a certified Life-Recovery Coach and a graduate of Liberty University Pastor Glenn has a unique perspective on dealing with sin, disobedience and addiction. His practical down to earth presentation of the Gospel has helped many find freedom and deliverance in Christ.
Pastor Glenn and his wife Vera have been serving faithfully in the ministry together since they were married. They have devoted their lives to serving the rejected, hurting, abused and addicted. They have raised seven children of their own and numerous foster children. The two of them have lived a life that expresses their belief that helping others is the best way to honor God.  With God’s guideance and leadership Pastor Glenn knew it was time for express his faith, not only in word and deed but in written form as well.  This has opened new avenues of ministry and afforded Pastor Glenn the ability to reach both believers and nonbelievers in ways previously unimagined. 

Meet the Family

Parents to seven children and numerous foster children. Pastor Glenn & Vera are dedicated to training their children to know and serve God.

Liberty University

2009 Graduate and Alumni .


Certified Life Recovery Coach, Trained in Addiction Recovery, Presidential Member of the Association of Christian Counselors   

Marriage  &  Family  

Certified in Marriage Works, Helping couples and families develop stronger relationships. 

Finding Freedom

Certified in Breaking Free a Biblical Stance in Dealing with addictions, trauma, divorce, sexual abuse, anxiety, and depression 


2019 "Distinguished Leader," 2017 "Heart of Wakulla," and 2018 "Life Saver Award"

Spiritual Development

Trained in Spiritual gifts identification and development.