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Unlocking Destiny

Unlocking Destiny

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

As we continue to look at David’s life

As we continue to look at King Davids's life, we see that God increased his territory and that the Kingdom of Isreal stretched its boundaries. These boundaries ended up being the same land that was promised to Abraham so many years before. When we read 2 Samuel 8, it seems as though David, having been crowned King, simply won all his victories. It reads as week one, week two, week three, and week four, and all is done. This is just a summary, and we should remember that each of these victories included a battle, opposition, planning, and even frustration. David likely felt at times that the situation was impossible.

This is important because God has made many promises in His Word to us. These promises may seem impossible, but just as they came to pass for Abraham and David, they will also come to pass for us. It is important to remember that what may seem impossible to happen and what is impossible for us is not impossible for God. We need to rest in assurance, not our ability but God's. The second thing we see in this passage about David is that he dedicated to God what he got from his conquest. This is a massive lesson for us. We need to take the blessings that God gives us and use them for His glory. When we do this, we know that we are being obedient and keeping ourselves in that right relationship to be used by Him.

Where ever you are in your walk today, surrender to the Lord, commit your resources to Him, and let Him expand your reach. Always remember the here and now is temporary, and we are to live for the hereafter, for that is truly important. Also, hold fast to the fact that no matter what you are facing, God has got it under control. All you need to do is release it to Him and be obedient.

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